Pension Division on Marriage Breakdown

I was a lawyer specializing in pension issues. For the most part, that means helping when a pension is being divided on the breakdown of a relationship.  I am now retired, however.

My practice consisted of providing legal services to lawyers, actuaries and plan administrators. If you are looking for a lawyer providing similar services, please click the "Colleagues" link on the left hand side of this page.

You will see a number of resources and links on my site and may find the answer without needing to get a professional involved at all. 

Please note, however, that I have not been updating the materials since my retirement, and the law continues to evolve.

Please explore. I hope you find the information you need!



Although what most people think of as the pension is the stream of income in retirement, it's frequently necessary for an expert to help with related benefits, such as RRSPs, Life Income Funds, supplemental plans, disability benefits, flex benefits, severance and so on.